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March Newsletter

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March Newsletter

The birds are flying back, the sun is peeking in, and we are busy cleaning up for spring!

This month's theme is all about helping your cardholders spring clean their finances and renew their working relationship with your credit union. ‚ÄčThis means continuing to focus on low rate products and encouraging balance transfers to help cardholders consolidate their balances.

As we close this quarter and move into the next, it’s also important to evaluate your team’s efforts so you can spring clean your own processes, and find out what works and what doesn’t. We’re here to help you do just that.   


Milestones Check-Ins

Consistent evaluation is important, which is why we're introducing check-ins to the Milestones program.

By providing valuable information in terms of approved applications, you will be able to review your teams efforts and make a careful assessment of what works and what doesn't. This will help you strategise accordingly and focus your teams overall efforts.



As an additional incentive, top-performing branches will be announced in our monthly newsletters after each check-in and provided with a special reward.

Further information on rewards will be communicated closer to date.



This is the final crossword puzzle of the quarter. Three branches will be randomly selected and rewarded with a pizza lunch in April! The branch winners will be announced by April 10, 2020, so get those puzzles in!

Submit your completed Crossword Puzzles by March 31st, 2020 to be placed in the raffle!



To reduce environmental impact and maximize content management flexibility, we are moving away from print. That means downloadable digital assets at your convenience, and much less paper waste.

That’s also why we need to know how to best serve your needs in this phase, including creating the type of digital assets that will best complement your marketing platforms, delivery and ensure you have the right sizes and formats.


Please fill out the new EIP Marketing Assets Survey form to help us help you.

It is very important that we receive your input on this by April 30th, 2020, as our future creative assets will be created or omitted based on this survey. 



What to expect in Q2

The focus for the next quarter is premium credit cards: Travel Rewards Gold and the World/ Infinite cards. More details will be provided closer to date.

Communication Tools

We are developing new communication tools for the next quarter, which will be available in April. New communication tools will include conversation guides and persona descriptions to help your team match the right member to the right product. 

Success Stories

Share your success stories with us. We want to hear how you celebrate branch achievements with your team or highlight specific team members that you feel deserve recognition for their hard work.
Just send us an email at EIP@collabriafinancial.ca with your stories and photos.

Submissions will be published in the newsletters, unless instructed otherwise.


Did you know that email marketing campaigns can be highly effective? Unlike direct mail campaigns, email campaigns can offer a greater return on investment (ROI) because of its low initial cost. 

Here are a few quick tips for a successful email campaign:

  • Please make sure your credit union/financial institution have member permission to receive commercial e-mail from you. Your internal Compliance Officer or Legal Department are you best resources to confirm.

  • Easily download email assets by visiting the campaign pages on Collabria Connect. 
  • Depending on your email marketing platform, you can customize and format your email according to your credit union’s overall brand feel.
  • Personalized content, even one as simple as ‘Hi Jane Doe’, has been shown to dramatically boost email’s effectiveness. So, if your email marketing platform has the capacity to do this – it’s an easy win! 




We are continuously gathering your feedback with the goal of adapting our program to fit your needs, so let us know what you think!

Share with us your success stories! Tell us how your celebrate with your team, or highlight specific team members that you feel deserve recognition for their hard work

You can share via our feedback form, or send us an email!

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