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Milestones Check-In

The check-in serves to allow credit unions to reflect on their in-branch performance on a consistent basis throughout the course of the entire program. By doing so, branches will be able to evaluate their efforts on providing their frontline staff with the tools, resources and knowledge to helping members find the right products. In addition, we will be able to assess the results of our campaigns, products, and supports indirectly.

This year, we will have two check-Ins that will reward the branches that have shown proven results. 


What should credit unions evaluate for the mid-year check-in?

The mid-year check-in will assess the funded applications for the Q1 and Q2 product suites: Low Rate and Premium credit cards, the check-in will take place in July. 


What should credit unions evaluate for the final check-in?

The final check-in will assess the funded application for all four quarters: The check-in will take place in December.


The Milestones check-ins are all about consistent self-evaluation – that means evaluating your own branch’s progress and performance.

We encourage  all credit unions to evaluate the Monthly EIP reports with a weighted focus on funded applications. 



There will be rewards provided to those branches who have the highest funded applications with respect to each of the check-ins credit card suite stipulations. Additional information on rewards will be communicated closer to date.

The top performers will be announced in our monthly newsletters after each check-in. Select credit unions will be contacted for their feedback and best efforts and will be included in the Milestones Success Stories page on Collabria Connect.