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Employee Incentive Program

Welcome to the 2020 EIP Program: Milestones



Moving forward together, one step at a time 

Milestones is the new 2020 Employee Incentive Program (EIP) that will educate, support, and engage frontline staff with communication tool, games, contests and much more.

The program will run from January to December 2020 and will be executed on a quarterly basis, with an emphasis on specific product categories. For more details on the Milestones program, check out the links below!


Program Overview

  1. Introduction to Milestones 2020
  2. Important Dates
  3. Creative Support
  4. Monthly Newsletter
  5. Incentives & Prizes

Milestones Program Presentation

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Important Dates:

Week of Jan 6  Program Kick-Off
Week of Jan 6 

First Monthly Newsletter

This will be emailed out to all Credit Card Champions

Week of Jan 6 

Contest #1 Starts

Week of Jan 27 

Program Incentive #1

June 2020

Mid-Year Check-In & Prize

Week of July 6 

Program Incentive #2

Week of July 6 

Contest #2 Starts

Dec 2020

Final check-in & Year End Prize


Milestones Email Newsletters


Summary Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Milestones EIP FAQ
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