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July Newsletter

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And just like that,

we are moving into the third quarter of 2020!

As we move onto the latter half of the year, we want to thank our Partners’ front-line staff who took the time to support their cardholders by keeping them informed of their various digital options and credit card capabilities, your help goes a long way!

With a new quarter, comes a new product focus. Our Business credit cards will be this quarter’s featured products, along with having two incredible offers that will help support new and existing business cardholders in your community.


We have three exciting campaigns coming up in Q3! These campaigns have been developed with the cardholders’ needs in mind, taking new circumstances and cardholder spending seasonality into account.


Here's a quick summary of the upcoming campaigns:

Business Credit Card Acquisition Campaign
5.9% Balance Transfer Offer
Consumer and Business MCC Purchase Promotion
Communication Channel

Direct Mail


In-branch/Digital In-branch/Digital
Target Audience
New BUSINESS cardholders Existing CONSUMER and BUSINESS cardholders Existing CONSUMER and BUSINESS cardholders

5.9% balance transfer rate for 6 months and 50% extra reward earn on eligible MCC spend

Offers available for 90 days from the date of new account opening

5.9% balance transfer rate for 6 months, starting from the date of balance transfer 50% extra reward earn on eligible MCC spend
Promo Codes

0004 (Direct Mail)

0005 (In-branch/  


Eligible Cards
All business cards All rewards-earning cards All cards operationally fitted for balance transfers
Ineligible Cards
N/A Classic, Student, Low Rate Business US Dollar
Campaign Timing
New account must be opened between Aug 1st – Oct 31st, 2020

Offers are available between Aug 1st – Oct 31st, 2020

Offers are available between Aug 1st – Oct 31st, 2020

Campaign Page
ClickHere ClickHere ClickHere


The following tips are to help your branch execute the two offers and support new business cardholders:

  • Review the product grids: Take some time to review the Business Product Grids and charts found on DSF, to familiarize yourself with important specs and benefits to help facilitate discussions with business members.
  • Inform cardholders on Balance Transfers: We have noticed an increase in questions from cardholders regarding how to perform a balance transfer. Below is a balance transfer tutorial video to help inform cardholders on how they can transfer their balances with a few simple steps. Please ensure that your Flash is up-to-date to watch the video. 


  • Leverage the digital assets (for your main site and social media platforms): Digital assets will be provided near the campaign start date to help support the two offers. If your branch requires any additional assets or support for your campaign execution, kindly reach out to our marketing team, we are here to support you!



We will also provide social media assets for the two offers! Social media is an efficient and effective way to communicate offers to cardholders and members.

  • As mentioned in the case study in the July newsletter, 1ST Choice Savings and Credit Union was successful in executing their email campaigns by using test methods and best practices to acknowledge their cardholders’ unique needs. To learn more about the practices that have helped them, click the link Learn More button below



Last Chance!

Just a friendly reminder that there is still time for cardholders to take advantage of the Q2 campaign offers:

  • Support the offers by using the digital assets on Collabria Connect to communicate the details and benefits to cardholders. To download the digital assets for online platforms (websites and social media), visit the campaign pages linked below

  • Both offers are available until July 31, 2020

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Campfire Stories

Share with us your success stories! Tell us how you celebrate with your team or highlight specific team members that you feel deserve recognition for their hard work. Whether it is a successful email campaign, a positive in-branch initiative, or a group photo showing off your teamwork, we want to know how you educate, support and engage your front-line staff or cardholders.



NEW : Crossword Puzzles

In light of the upcoming Business Acquisition campaign and offers, we have created fun new supplementary crossword puzzles for the three Business credit cards.

DownloadIntPDF DownloadPrintPDF ViewAll

Kindly refrain from submitting the crossword puzzles to the EIP email as there is no contest element for these puzzles.



As always, we are here to support our partners. Stay in touch and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


The Milestones program has a NEW EMAIL, our new address ends with “.com” instead of “.ca”. Kindly contact us at eip@collabriafinancial.com

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