Collabria Launches Modernized Plastics – Improving Card Quality and Reducing Environmental Impact

Posted March 27, 2023

Collabria the leading issuer of credit cards for 97% of Canada’s credit unions, has launched an innovative new credit card plastic suite focused on environmental sustainability and consumer inclusivity. A range of Collabria’s credit cards, issued to credit union members across Canada, will now be manufactured from 70% recycled plastic reclaimed from ocean coastal waters, while other cards will feature the first-in-Canada credit card “accessibility notch’, designed to assist visually impaired individuals.

The new eco-friendly cards are manufactured using reclaimed plastics from coastal waters, removing the need for virgin plastic creation. They offer a revitalized purpose for discarded plastic, which
otherwise pollutes the oceans and threatens wildlife. For visually impaired cardholders, an accessibility notch will facilitate ease of use, supporting credit unions in their commitment to inclusivity for their members.
The new eco-friendly cards are available on
both the Visa and Mastercard networks as a Cash Back, Classic, or US Dollar card at Collabria-issuing financial institutions*. Each card will be made with the equivalent of one recycled plastic water bottle. In one year alone, Collabria’s ocean plastic cards will give new purpose to the approximate equivalent of 3,000 kg of recycled plastics—the weight of two average automobiles.

In addition to the ESG-related benefits of these cards, the cards have been redesigned. A deconstructed maple leaf on the new cards is a nod to Collabria’s Canadian roots and our partners from coast to coast.

*Some exceptions apply. Visit your local branch for more information.