Introducing: CardWise Online and CardWise Mobile

Posted May 17, 2023

As previously announced, a new mobile app and web portal have been in the works for cardholders as part of the Digital Modernization project. During the summer months, partner employees were given the opportunity to help select a name for the new digital solution. The Fuel Your Summer Fun contest drew in over 650 submissions from coast-to-coast. Congratulations to the winners! 

With the votes having been tallied and branding and logo development now complete, it is time to introduce you to CardWise Online and CardWise Mobile!  

cardwise logo

In case you missed it – Overview of CardWise Online and CardWise Mobile

The CardWise Mobile experience is a fully functional and cardholder-focused digital account management platform that marks a significant step in enabling cardholders to experience the benefits and value of their cards at their fingertips. The CardWise Online experience will have like-to-like features of the mobile app, allowing for a seamless, familiar user experience.

Together, the mobile and online experiences will replace MyCardInfo with a modern, user-friendly omnichannel interface with industry-aligned capabilities.

CardWise has got the look!

Drawing on inspiration from the modernized plastic suite launching fully in 2023, a subcommittee of the National Marketing Committee was gathered to bring the CardWise name to life. With the image of the deconstructed maple leaf, the physical and digital worlds come together to create a complete modernized approach.


Brand agnostic images and colours will allow for seamless rollout to Partners and an overall familiar experience for cardholders. The abstract of the logo can be interpreted as the card or a phone coming to life with information and management tools to create engaged and ‘wise’ cardholders.

In control and in-the-know

CardWise Online and CardWise Mobile bring simplicity and security to digital card management. Cardholders can feel safe knowing that they can manage their cards with ease.

CardWise enables cardholders to:


The CardWise Mobile and Online experiences will roll out in multiple waves in 2023. Additional details on rollout dates, training and insights into program features will be available in early 2023.

Additional details on CardWise features and roll out were shared in the November 2022 System Presentation Webinar. A copy of the webinar slides as well as a link to the recording can be found here.

For ongoing resources and updates on the rollout of CardWise and the other program milestones of the Digital Modernization, be sure to bookmark the Digital Hub.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager.