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September Newsletter

September Banner

September marks the start of a new time of year: Fall. Just as the leaves change colours for the season, we are also changing, adapting and learning.

With that being said, we are excited to announce several developments we have been working on including a fun new branch engagement initiative, exciting prizes and more.


Exciting New Branch Engagement

The Milestones Program has always been about motivating and supporting your front-line staff. Now, you will have the opportunity to showcase your team's success and achievements throughout the year and win a variety of exciting prizes! 


Introducing: The Oscars - Milestones Edition

We will be taking our own spin on 'The Oscars' and provide an opportunity for branches to 'nominate' and showcase their team's achievements in a variety of categories. 

Visit our Oscars Milestones page to view the contest details in full, to learn about the prizes, and to submit your entries for your chance to win! Contest ends on November 7th.



Q3 Campaigns are in full swing!

Review the Q3 Campaign offers and details by clicking the links below. They will be in market until October 31st.

BT_button Q3_business MCC_button


Digital Assets Available:

Partners will be able to support the campaign offers with a suite of creative assets, available for download in both English and French on their Collabria Connect Marketing pages. The assets range from digital web banners, to email campaign elements, to in-branch screen graphics. Here are some tips on how to successfully implement these assets;

  • Create your own landing page
    • Easily build your own landing page using all the elements provided in each landing page package (instructions are also included);
  • Choose the ‘flavour’ of your assets
    • The Q3 campaigns all include 2 different creative asset packages, so you can exercise your power of choice when it comes to the overall ‘flavour’ and visual communication to your members. Pick the one that best suits your online presence!
  • Remember your ATM and In-Branch screens
    • We provided standard-size ATM and in-branch screen graphics with every asset package. Be sure to utilize these graphics for optimum exposure!

To download and use the creative assets, visit their campaign pages on Collabria Connect, or click the links found above.


Final Branch Payout:

Just a reminder, the final Milestones funds will be distributed to partners by October 31st.

Here is a breakdown of how the payouts will be calculated:

= ((150 * # of Branches) + (0.015 * members))/2

How to reward your staff:

  • Set goals – depending on what specific goals you set for your branch, you can reward your staff when they meet or exceed them;
  • Place emphasis on appreciation – let your staff know that you appreciate their hard work and efforts. Monetary rewards are great, but ensure you implement other methods as well when you are rewarding your staff;
  • Balance team-based and individual rewards – it’s important that all staff members have a fair chance at feeling recognized and being rewarded for their own efforts!

Campfire Stories:

Share your stories with us!

Whether it is a successful email campaign, a positive in-branch initiative, or a group photo showing off your teamwork, we want to know how you educate, support, engage your front-line staff and cardholders.

Send us an email (can be in bullet points), with your story to be shared and featured in our upcoming monthly newsletter!

New Crossword Puzzle:

In support of the upcoming Business Acquisition campaign and offers, we have created fun crossword puzzles for our three Business credit cards.

puzzle puzzle

Although we'd love to receive your completed crossword puzzles, please bear in mind that there is no contest element for these puzzles. There is no requirement to send completed puzzles to us.



As always, we are here to support our partners. Stay in touch and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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