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October Newsletter


October marks a new quarter, and a new quarter means new incentives, new campaigns, and new resources to ride out the rest of 2020!


New Mini Quiz

Want to be rewarded for your World/Infinite credit card insurance knowledge? Take this fun mini-quiz for a chance to win a $25 Tim Hortons eGift card. You will have until October 30 to participate, but hurry up! Only the first 25 participants to answer ALL questions correctly will win. The winners will receive their eCards by November 2nd.


The successful 5.9% Balance Transfer Campaign will continue into Q4

Two new sets of digital assets will be provided for this new period of the campaign between November 1st, 2020 - January 31st, 2021. This campaign is an online an in-branch campaign only; there will be no direct mail component. Find out more on Zift or the Collabria Connect Marketing Page


How does the use of marketing assets affect cardholder spend?

We analyzed partners' participation in the Q2 Grocery Spend Promotion to determine how cardholders respond to the use of marketing assets.

To find out the results of this in-depth analysis,



The Oscars - Milestones Edition!

Don't forget to submit your entry by November 7th, 2020; it's a great way to get your team recognized for all their hard work this year. Important details to remember:

  • All participants who submit an entry will receive a $25 Tim Hortons gift-card
  • You stand a chance to win any of the four categories and earn your team a well-deserved party or useful merchandise


Final EIP Payout

Your hard work is always appreciated. The final EIP payout will be distributed to partners by October 31st, which will be 25% of the overall annual distribution.

Payouts will be calculated as:

= ((150 * # of Branches) + (0.015 * members))/2



As always, we are here to support our partners. Stay in touch and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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