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August Newsletter

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August Newsletter

It’s that time of the year where we look back at summer and ask ourselves: “Where did the time go?”

We certainly notice one key element looming in the air: Opportunity. As familiar faces are returning to do business at their local branches, the number of chances for member conversations will continue to rise.

With cardholders returning to our front-lines, this is a great time to reconnect and remind  them of valuable card features, such as: purchase insurances, zero-fraud liability, Apple Pay, and our 25 day grace period, as well as existing promotional offers they are entitled to.

Incorporate Q3 digital assets on your main website (available on Collabria Connect, links below), social media pages or in-branch media boards to ensure your cardholders are aware of current offers in-branch or online!

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For more details on current campaigns and digital assets, keep reading!



This is a visual summary of the offers available in Q3.  

The following three offers will be available from August 1st – October 31st.


All further campaign details can be found on the campaign pages on Collabria Connect. 

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Digital Assets

To provide greater flexibility in communicating with your members and cardholders, we are excited to share multiple creative asset options for each campaign!

Each set of creative assets is visually distinct and sports a different ‘flavour’ to your overall presentation – it is entirely your choice and preference to select the asset that is most appealing or relevant to your members. They are also available in French.

Here’s an overview of the range available:

  • Digital Asset Package, for all your website and social media marketing needs. This package contains marketing banners in a variety of sizes for websites, social media, and mobile platforms
  • Email Campaign Package, which contains all the elements needed to create your own email marketing campaign, including email banners, CTA buttons, copy and legal pieces, and instructions
  • Landing Page Package, this includes landing page banners, CTA buttons, copy and legal pieces, and instructions. You can also create your own landing page and lead cardholders directly to your own microsite.
  • Screen Graphics Package, comprises all motion-based graphics, including graphics for ATMs and in-branch screens. The only exception is the Business Credit Card Acquisition Campaign, which does not include screen graphics.

Digital Assets Tips:

  • To increase reach and awareness on upcoming Q3 offers, post the marketing banners on your organisation’s main site (if at all possible, to give it the highest exposure) and all social media platforms
  • For a more engaging cardholder experiences and focus, we recommend creating your own landing page for the most current marketing offers, where you can link directly to your organisation’s specific microsite URL. All elements to create your own landing page, as well as an Instructions Guide, can be found in your selected creative asset package once downloaded from Collabria Connect

To download and use the creative assets, simply visit the campaign pages on Collabria Connect.

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Campfire Stories:

Share your stories with us!

Whether it is a successful email campaign, a positive in-branch initiative, or a group photo showing off your teamwork, we want to know how you educate, support, engage your front-line staff and cardholders.

Send us an email (can be in bullet points), with your story to be shared and featured in our upcoming monthly newsletter!

New Crossword Puzzle:

In support of the upcoming Business Acquisition campaign and offers, we have created fun crossword puzzles for our three Business credit cards.

puzzle puzzle

Although we'd love to receive your completed crossword puzzles, please bear in mind that there is no contest element for these puzzles. There is no requirement to send completed puzzles to us.



As always, we are here to support our partners. Stay in touch and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


The Milestones program has a NEW EMAIL, our new address ends with “.com” instead of “.ca”. Kindly contact us at eip@collabriafinancial.com

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