Sunova Credit Union Partners with Collabria for Credit Card Processing

(Selkirk, MB; Calgary, AB – April 20, 2016) – Sunova Credit Union announced today a new partnership with Collabria for full credit card processing and support set to launch this fall. 

Based in Selkirk, MB, Sunova has $1.4 billion in assets and serves 34,000 members across 12 branches in Manitoba. The new partnership with Collabria will bring a suite of MasterCard® products to its members. Sunova will also be the first Collabria partner to use the innovative Hybrid Credit Card Program, providing them more control and ownership of all program assets and revenues.

“Sunova is an organization known for being a bit different,” said Sunova President and CEO Ed Bergen. “We pride ourselves on being a technology leader and keeping member service top of mind with every decision we make. It’s incredibly important that we control our own destiny and in doing so maintain the ability to provide a great experience for our members. This new credit card offering from Sunova and Collabria is unlike anything currently being offered. We will be the first Collabria customer to control our own receivables, and thusly craft a credit card that is uniquely Sunova.”

Collabria CEO John Dundas said, “Consistent with their values and tradition, Sunova is pioneering Collabria’s innovative and flexible Hybrid Credit Card Program. Due to the flexible nature of the Hybrid program, Sunova will control, among other program aspects, their member experience, adjudication standards and parameters and card product features and benefits. Sunova is setting a new standard in credit union excellence.”

About Sunova
Incorporated in 1955 (then known as South Interlake Credit Union) Sunova is a vibrant, innovative, and friendly full-service financial institution dedicated to providing exceptional member experiences. With 12 full-time branches and $1.4 billion in assets, Sunova serves over 34,000 members throughout Winnipeg and rural Manitoba.

About Collabria
Collabria is a unique payment solutions provider created to deliver customized, end-to-end credit card products and services. At its core, what sets Collabria apart is its foundation in partnership, collaboration and responsiveness. With Collabria, you’ll never have to settle for “one size fits all” programs. Instead, Collabria professionals work with you to design solutions built around the exact needs of your financial institution and your customers. For more information, visit