SBI Canada Bank Partners with Collabria

(Toronto, ON; Calgary, AB – March 1, 2016) – SBI Canada Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of StateBank of India, has named Collabria as its credit card processing partner. The new partnership will bring both Visa and MasterCard products to SBI Canada Bank’s 36,000 customers across Canada. 

With plans to grow and enhance its credit card portfolio, SBI Canada Bank is turning to Collabria for everything from marketing and card customer support to data analytics and fraud prevention. SBI Canada Bank will be the first financial institution to offer Collabria’s new Flex credit card product which will appeal to customers looking for credit cards that offer variable interest rates and valuable reward programs.

“SBI Canada Bank is pleased to join hands with Collabria and is proud to be associated with a reliable and reputed partner who offers customized credit card and payment solutions that will serve the needs of our ever-growing retail customer base,” said SBI Canada Bank Chief Operating Officer Premalatha Sarath.” Partnering with Collabria is an excellent opportunity, because they are committed to investing in our success through proven sales and growth programs with an expert team of professionals.”

Collabria's Vice President, Greg Feniak, said, “Collabria is thrilled to partner with SBI Canada Bank to deliver a full suite of innovative credit card products to their customers. By working collaboratively, a customized card program was developed, ensuring that SBI Canada Bank can meet their needs and the needs of their clients. We are excited to partner with SBI Canada Bank and look forward to their success.”


SBI Canada Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of State Bank of India, the largest bank in India, with a customer base of over 273 million people and a banking history going back over 200 years. State Bank of India is India’s largest banking conglomerate and has a significant international presence with 191 offices across 36 countries. SBI Canada Bank has been in Canada since 1982 and offers its Canadian clientele value propositions that combine the best of Canadian and Indian banking traditions in retail and commercial banking. For more information, visit 

Rajesh Gupta
SBI Canada Bank, President & CEO

Collabria is a unique payment solutions provider created to deliver customized, end-to-end credit card products and services. At its core, what sets Collabria apart is its foundation in partnership, collaboration and responsiveness. With Collabria, you’ll never have to settle for “one size fits all” programs. Instead, Collabria professionals work with you to design solutions built around the exact needs of your financial institution and your customers. For more information, visit

John Dundas
Collabria, CEO