Partner Testimonial: Smooth Implementation, Delivered

"Collabria’s implementation team was there every step of the way to discuss milestones and objectives."

High levels of support are especially critical when onboarding a new credit card program. WFCU Steve DeneauCredit Union (WFCU) found this to be true during a recent implementation of their U.S. Dollar credit card program with Collabria. “Collabria’s implementation team was there every step of the way to discuss milestones and objectives,” says Steve Deneau, WFCU’s Vice President, Business Development. “The onboarding and project management process was well thought out and organized."

Located in the border city of Windsor, Ontario, WFCU knows the value of offering members a credit card option allowing transactions to be completed in U.S. dollars. “Our members have multiple cross-border relationships but could not look to us for an appropriate payment solution prior to the Collabria partnership,” notes Steve. “Now, our members have the flexibility to pay in the appropriate currency.”

Behind the scenes, Collabria continually delivers innovative processes and solutions to help clients confidently switch platforms. Experienced project leaders also ensure a smooth conversion process. “The service and support we have received has been great,” says Steve. “In any rollout, there are unexpected developments – but any issues that came up were addressed and dealt with quickly.”

Proprietary technologies are among the reasons Collabria’s implementation process leads to such positive results. Springboard, which allows financial institutions to manage card accounts across multiple processing platforms, provides WFCU with the resources they need to assist members quickly and effectively. “Springboard has already proved to be an excellent tool for our front-line staff,” says Steve. “Its user-friendly nature provides up-to-date information we have not had access to in the past.”

Following its partnership with Collabria, WFCU has access to an increased number of member self-service resources. MyCardInfo is a webbased application allowing members to access their U.S. Dollar credit card account anywhere, anytime. The easy-to-navigate system empowers WFCU’s members with the ability to view statements, make payments and much more.

For WFCU, the measure of a successful implementation project takes the entire journey into account – not just the results. “The training and implementation process Collabria provides is top notch,” says Steve. “Each of our internal teams knew what to expect and saw everything Collabria promised delivered.”

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