Introducing Collabria

CollabriaOver the past five years, Canadian credit unions have expressed a desire for credit card solutions that allow them to integrate credit card products into their credit union, the ability to control product offerings, and, perhaps most importantly, enhance the member experience. Unfortunately, there has not been a company that could help Canadian credit unions provide simple and flexible credit card solutions. Until now.

Enter Collabria.


Collabria is a unique payment solutions provider built on the collaborative foundation that differentiates credit unions from big banks. Collabria focuses on the flexibility of customized solutions to give your credit union and your credit union members an unforgettably positive experience. You know your membership. We know payment solutions. Together we can build solutions to set your credit union apart.


Collabria combines the very best of three companies — Desjardins, TMG and TMG Financial Services (TMGFS) –with more than 100+ years of collective experience. Together, these three companies heard the needs of Canadian credit unions and joined forces to create a payment solutions provider founded on partnership, collaboration and responsiveness. In addition to these partnerships, Collabria boasts strong relationships with First Data Corporation, Visa®, MasterCard®, plastics producers, electronic payment vendors and many more businesses to help create workflow efficiencies, scalable cost‐effective alternatives and outstanding member experiences.


Operating with collaboration in mind, you’ll never have to settle for “one size fits all” programs. Collabria professionals work with you to design solutions built around the exact needs of your credit union and your members.

Backed with this collaborative mentality, Collabria has three distinct advantages:

1) Our credit union-centric philosophy and business model.

2) The flexibility of our program models and card products.

3) The experience and relationships established in financial services, bringing Canadian credit unions more than 100+ years of collective knowledge and expertise in the payments arena.

Collabria has been built specifically with the needs of credit unions in mind. That’s what makes us strong – and more than that – that’s what makes us different. We are excited to be offering a strategic advantage to Canadian credit unions through engagement, consultation and customized payment solutions. We look forward to working with you to take your credit union to the next level by providing Payment Solutions Made Simple.